After our journey came to a close, we realized it could not just end after the last interview. Since we returned home from our part one road trip, we have been working whenever we can on a new branch of The Open Book Project that we are SO excited to share with you.

During our travels, we met so many people who felt disconnected from their communities, for any number of reasons; as well as a lack of education, support, and understanding as they were growing up queer. A common thread throughout so many of our interviews and conversations is that due to the combination of a lack of education, and a lack of community, many queer people turn to outlets such as youtube and tumblr to search for these missing pieces.

What we decided was that youtube and tumblr just wasn’t good enough (sorry). And anyways, since then adult content restrictions have been placed on both youtube and tumblr (and yes- all things queer tend to be put in these restricted content categories). These restrictions have basically stripped peoples entire sense of community and education, in places like rural Kansas, the presence of a community even online can really be a matter of life or death.

We have created an online learning resource for the queer community. Curated, no restrictions, community oriented, safe, run by queers for queers. We have found a way to unite the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Our goal is to have no person feel that they are alone, or not be aware of this amazing community full of people who are there to support. No person should not have access to the sex ed that actually pertains to them, no person should feel unsafe, and if they do in their daily life, they will not with us.

The new Open Book Project is a website, database, social media, video library, resource, safe space, you name it- and it will revolutionize and unite the LGBTQ+ community in a way that has never been done before.