Blog Post 3: Topeka to Witchita

Today was filled with an interesting vibe to say the least. We woke up and dragged ourselves into Starbucks to wake our brains up. We ended up staying there for a bit deciding to use this day to do some planning that in hindsight probably should have been done prior to departure. On our way out of Topeka and into Wichita we payed the Wesboro Baptist Church a visit - the exteriors of it at least, which was frightening enough. The church is situated directly across the street from the Equality House. A rainbow- LGBT pride house plastered with positive, encouraging statements about the LGBT community. The two drastically opposite places bring a whole new meaning to 'bad neighbor.' As we approached the equality house people honked as they drove by, and we saw that across the beautiful and comforting artwork someone had spray painted "Fuck Fags." We were reminded then that we truly were not 'In Colorado anymore' especially when we looked past the rainbow panels and onto the Westboro Baptist Church signs, some of which for example reading: 'God hates Fags' 'Thank God for dead soldiers' 'God Hates America' 'The Jews killed Jesus' ... you get the idea. 

Driving into Wichita we could feel the general mood getting lighter, or maybe it was just the influx of people contacting us asking to share their story and be interviewed by us. Tomorrow we have back to back interviews starting with the neighborhood gay-friendly church, then setting up to do a series of interviews with Wichita State University students. 

Ready to face the '#1 worst place in America for Gays' ! Can't imagine it being much worse than the suburban neighborhood that consists solely of Westboro Baptist Church members but who knows.