Blog Post 12: Boston

During our stay at Trinity College in Connecticut we met an amazing guy named Jake. When he saw that our next stop was Boston he insisted we come to his home for dinner and we wound up staying the night with him and his wonderful family in Lexington, Massachusetts. We got to park our car there and get a ride to Emerson, where we would be staying the next few days. 

At Emerson we met with Raven Devanney, Lexie's friend from home, and stayed in her dorm. We met her roommates, Kate, AJ, and Bella who we not only interviewed but got the chance to really get to know. Spending time with them allowed us to delve deeper into the interviews, which was so great and different than our usual interviews. After all, it would be kind of awkward to blatantly ask questions about someones sex life to a complete stranger. Morgan also got to meet up with some old friends in Boston from her first year at SDLC. 

Spending so much time at Emerson was great because we got to really know the people we were interviewing, helping them get a lot more comfortable with what we are doing, its not always easy for people to so openly share their story to a stranger. We even met someone in the dining hall one morning who we ended up interviewing. When you stay in one place for more than a day word starts to spread and more people become interested in being a part of the project. Raven has more friends affiliated with the queer community than anyone we have stayed with so far and that was such a great environment to be in.