Blog Post 2: Driving to Kansas

After getting a late start this morning (afternoon actually, we didn't leave until around 2 pm) we drove straight through Kansas to Topeka, stopping only once for Starbucks and some regrettable Qdoba. The drive took some interesting turns, literally and figuratively. One of the first realizations we had was that Morgan's water bottle leaks, but of course we didn't notice until the full bottle turned up empty she found all the water in her sweatshirts, books, and notebooks. Despite this, what we both noticed most of all was that we each came more prepared than expected.

During the drive we attempted to contact everyone in Kansas that we hoped to connect with and are still waiting to hear back from most. The first person to reply was actually the Westboro Baptist Church. We hope to swing by or perhaps meet them at one of their many upcoming pickets across the country. We sent many other emails and hope to hear back in the morning. This roughly 9 hour drive is the longest stretch of driving we should have until we start heading back towards Colorado. Good news, mostly for Lexie as she is the only licensed driver. Although, the drive wasn't too boring. We did get to drive right alongside a blazing wildfire and so many flashing lights we genuinely worried we might be abducted by aliens. Once we'd reached out to everyone in Kansas, we finalized some interview questions and got to talking about our plan for the final video. We have ideas for every interview, scene, and various clips, but it's still a mystery just how this will all come together. An old pop punk playlist got us through the last hour of driving and we finally reached a hotel at exactly midnight CT. We're both exhausted, but still need to set up all our equipment and make sure it works, charge all the batteries, shower, and be up in time for breakfast.

Tomorrow we'll interview as many people as we can and try and make it down to Wichita in time to meet up with some people there.