Blog Post 1: The Night Before

After weeks of planning, organizing, exhausting every resource and contact on the entire East and South of the US, we have finally gotten things together enough to start our journey. Or, at least, we are going to start regardless. We are driving a huge black truck, equipped with a twin mattress, and pale grey curtains, just two girls living out of a car on a 30 day road trip across the US. Starting in Colorado and moving down through the south, up the east coast, and back down again. First stop: The #1 worst place for LGBTQ+ people to reside, Wichita, Kansas, otherwise known as the home of the Westboro Baptist Church. Our packing for the trip includes 2 bags of clothes each: our normal clothes, and our church clothes. We're prepared to keep those friendly southern church-goers comfortable as we question the roots of their homophobic ideals. Gotta keep that rainbow gay pride bicep tattoo covered during the Westboro Baptist Pickets. 4 cameras, 6 lenses, 7 SD cards, 2 microphones, one boom pole, 3 tripods, 2 lighting kits, several audiobooks, and a big bag of cheetos. We will undoubtedly face some interesting hiccups along our journey, but Lexie has AAA and Morgan's mom insisted she buy pepper spray so what's the worst that could happen? Our plan is to try and update this blog daily at least. Posting some short videos, bio's of the people we interview, and photos of our journey. Wish us luck!

(It's midnight and, though she talks a big game, guess who hasn't packed her clothes yet. (It's Lexie). It will hopefully work in our favor that Lexie stays up all night getting things done and Morgan wakes up early to prepare for the following day.)