Blog Post 11: Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut is one of the stops we didn't originally plan on. After posting about the trip, after we'd already left even, Caitlin Southwick (a friend of ours) saw what we were doing and practically insisted we visit her at Trinity College. Caitlin is the kind of energetic sweetheart you don't want to say no to, but her vivacity is what makes it really impossible to refuse. So with that and the promise of a student-lead drag show, we of course said yes. We even changed our route, passing New York on the way up and driving straight to Connecticut. (Don't worry, we will go back to New York).

Caitlin is an absolute angel and did more than just offer us a place to stay and her own interview. When we got there, she showed us around, explained the room keys and bathroom keys and where we'd be sleeping, and then broke out the glorious color coded schedule. She had lined up a bunch of interviews for us with Trinity students and planned special events for us to attend. It's safe to say we've been decently busy the past couple of days but everything was so much fun we hardly noticed. The two days we spent at Trinity were awesome. We had a room reserved at the library for interviews, attended EROS (Encouraging Respect of Sexualities) meetings, met a lot of people on campus, and even dyed Caitlin's hair.

The interviews were great and we met a lot of really really cool people. The food at Trinity was ridiculously good too, but by far the best part was the drag show. Trinity's EROS group hosts a drag show every year. They hire professional queens and open the floor up to rehearsed student performers as well. The night is filled with snacks and even drinks for students that are 21+, as well as a sex toy raffle and a lot of condoms. A lot. For anyone who hasn't seen a drag queen perform, firstly, go watch that, but second, it's breathtaking. The show was interactive and fun, but incredibly well practiced. Lexie and I were both so excited to go and have this be a part of our trip. Caitlin stunned everyone with her look as well. Fierce boots, a jaw dropping dress and a fur wrap to top it off. Safe to say we were seriously outdone.

While we heard a lot varying opinions, it was clear that no matter where you are, you can find a good group of people and have a great community around you.

We'll miss you Caitlin! Thanks for convincing us to visit Hartford!