Blog Post 10: Washington, D.C.

We spent a good number of days in D.C., first traveling back and forth from Fredericksburg, Virginia and then from Annapolis, Maryland. I had never been to D.C. before so we spent a day walking around and practically behaving like tourists while we waited to hear back from people we'd contacted. The interview we were most excited for in D.C. was one we'd been planning since the first day of this trip. Samuel Brinton is the congressional/presidential advisor on nuclear issues in Washington, D.C. and he's also a survivor of intensive gay conversion therapy. We were so honored that he was willing to give us some of his time and tell us his story, everything he's been through, how its effected who he is now, and how he got to be so happy, proud, and successful. Sam is very closely involved with #BornPerfect and the fight to end gay conversion therapy. It's remarkable that he is such a success story, but even more that he's been brave enough to speak about all of his experiences.

The only other interview we had in D.C. was also one we'd been excited for since the beginning, but we didn't now if we'd get there in time. Our friend Ely was leaving for South Africa on the 19th, the same day we planned on getting to D.C. So we rushed a day to get there by the 18th and of course it was worth it. Ely is such a cool person and he has such a cool story. With informed and interesting views on things like relationships and politics he's a great example of breaking the assumptions that can be made about the LGBTQ+ community. No one fits perfectly into a stereotype, but the stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ can sometimes be the most ridiculous and are mostly still assumed to be true. The truth is that the only thing that people in the LGBTQ+ community are guaranteed to have in common is that society has told them they love in a way that's different than the norm. Society's perception of a common trait can lead to common experiences, but otherwise, each and every person in the community is entirely their own unique person and we are so glad we've gotten to meet so many wonderful people because of this trip.

After D.C. we had a day to kill because we did such an excellent job of being efficient, so Lexie got to show me her favorite place in the world: Fenwick Island, Delaware. We mostly caught up on work and sleep, but it was wonderful to see the ocean no matter how cold it was.

Currently in Hartford, Connecticut. Soon to be in Boston, New York, and Chicago.